PHOTO EDITING WORKSHOP SUCCESS! Sign-Up For Next Year: April 30 – May 5, 2017

Sylvia Kincses

David Reinfeld

Photographer Sally Bucko
 Photographs by Eric McCollum

The first edition of our "Vermont Editing Workshop with Elizabeth Avedon and Magdalena Sole" came to an end. A group of talented photographers attended the class. The workshop was held at Magdalena's studio, an old 1790's farmhouse located in the beautiful rural countryside of Southern Vermont. Students immersed themselves during five days and looked at their work with new eyes.  They learned how to edit their work in stages and distinguish between a great image and one that is good, but doesn't work.  They also learned how to  build sequences applying rhythm, color, light, and geometric shapes, to different contexts, such as exhibit,  magazine and book.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of photographers and friends.  We would love to see you there next year!

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Our Next Vermont Workshop Here PhotoXpeditions

PhotoXpeditions Advanced Editing Workshop for Photographers with Magdalena Sole and Elizabeth Avedon with photographers Carlos Ribas Monteiro, Dawn Watson, Jo Lynn Still, Sylvia Kincses, Eric McCollum, David Reinfeld, Joan Lobis Brown and Gioia Kuss.

Our Next Workshop 
April 30th – May 5th, 2017


NICK BRANDT: Inherit The Dust, a monograph

Wasteland With Elephants, 2015
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt's latest book, Inherit The Dust, is a tragic desolate look into our fast approaching future without the majestic beauty of wildlife. An elegant, beautifully designed and printed edition with 68 black-and-white tritone images; two essays by the artist: a text about the crisis facing the conservation of the natural world in East Africa; and a behind-the-scenes descriptions of Brandt’s elaborate production process, with accompanying documentary photographs. One of the most important Best Books of 2016.

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Quarry With Lion, 2014
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Wasteland With Rhinos, 2015
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Quarry With Giraffe, 2014
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Underpass With Elephants, 2015
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Wasteland With Cheetahs and Children, 2015
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Road Junction With Qumquat and Family, 2014
Photograph © Nick Brandt

Inherit The Dust Behind The Scenes
Elephant Panel on Dumpsite 
Photographs © Nick Brandt

 "Due to the urgent nature of the subject matter,
I'm on a mission to get this work exposed"-Nick Brandt

The wasted lands in Inherit The Dust were once golden Savannah, sprinkled with acacia trees, where elephants, big cats and rhinos roamed. These now dystopian landscapes - as Nick Brandt's unvarnished, harrowing but stunning work reveals - brings us face to face with a crisis, both social and environmental, demanding the renewal of humanity itself. -Kathryn Bigelow, Film Director, The Hurt Locker

Three years after the completion of his trilogy, On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Across the Ravaged Land, documenting the disappearing animals of eastern Africa, Nick Brandt returned to East Africa to photograph the escalating changes to the continent’s natural world and its animals. In a series of epic panoramas, Brandt recorded the impact of man in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do. In each location, Brandt erected a life-size panel of one of his portrait photographs―showing groups of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and zebras―placing the displaced animals on sites of explosive urban development, new factories, wastelands and quarries. The contemporary figures within the photographs seem oblivious to the presence of the panels and the animals represented in them, who are now no more than ghosts in the landscape. Inherit the Dust includes this new body of panoramic photographs along with original portraits of the animals used in the panoramas, the unique emotional animal portraiture for which Brandt is recognized. 

In 2010, Nick Brandt and award-winning conservationist Richard Bonham, co-founded the Big Life Foundation. Relying on a grass roots effort and calling on inclusive community collaboration, Big Life Foundation was the first organization in East Africa with a coordinated, cross-border anti-poaching operation covering the Kenya/Tanzania border. Five years after its creation, the Foundation now employs more than 300 rangers, 41 permanent and mobile outposts, 15 patrol vehicles, 2 planes for aerial monitoring, and protects over two-million acres of the land.

Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York
through May 7, 2016

Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles
through May 14, 2016

Inherit The Dust
Photographs by Nick Brandt
Edwynn Houk Editions, 2016

Nick Brandt: Inherit The Dust
Edwynn Houk Editions, 2016
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Future Exhibition Dates:

May 18 - May 22 2016

May 20 - September 11 2016

May 13 - July 9 2016

May 23-July 30 2016

June 1 - June 26 2016

June 9 - July 23 2016

July 26 - August 14 2016

July 26 - August 14 2016

September 15 - November 13 2016


AIPAD 2016 With Photographer Mona Kuhn

AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Photograph by Mona Kuhn from her Acido Dorado Series
AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Mona Kuhn photographs at Jackson Fine Art
from her Acido Dorado Series, 2014

on her series

AIPAD: FOLEY Gallery #421
Photographer Wyatt Gallery (artwork on the wall) 
with Michael Foley and Mona Kuhn

AIPAD: Kopeikin Gallery #109
Paul Kopeikin with
Carolyn Louise Newhouse
AIPAD: ClampArt #108
Julie Grahame and Brian Paul Clamp

AIPAD: Howard Greenberg Gallery ##201
Alex Majou, Scene #0880, Brazzaville, Congo
Scene at a train station, 2013

AIPAD: Flowers Gallery, NY #418
Nadav Kander: Chongqing I, Chongqing Municipality, 2006
AIPAD: Monroe Gallery of Photography #104
Vintage PhotoJournalism 
AIPAD: Rick Wester Gallery #102
Photographer: Ima Mfon

AIPAD: Robert Mann Gallery #409
Photograph Paulette Tavormina

Robert Mann Gallery #409
Photographers Mona Kuhn and Paulette Tavormina

AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Mona Kuhn at Jackson FineArt. Photographs: Kahn + Selesnick

April 14-17, 2016
*The Association of International Photography Art Dealers

Celebrating its 36th year in 2016, AIPAD was held in Manhattan’s Upper East Side at the Park Avenue Armory. This is a small glimpse into the work from 85 leading international photography art galleries exhibiting. Begin your photography collection here!


ADVANCED PHOTO EDITING WORKSHOP: With Magdalena Solé and Elizabeth Avedon

Street Dog, Cuba © Magdalena Sole

One Spot Left!
May 1-6 in West Halifax, Vermont 
Check out the details here:  
Call +1 888-741-3974 or email:

The workshop will be held at Magdalena Solé’s studio in West Halifax, VT located in the beautiful rural countryside of Southern Vermont in an old 1790’s farmhouse. Participants can stay in the nearby quaint little town of Wilmington.
  • Learn to edit your work in stages: How to work though a large number of images.
  • How to distinguish between a great image and one that you like, but doesn’t work
  • Review masters iconic images
  • How to juxtapose images: the dialogue between images and how they relate
  • How to build a sequence using rhythm, color, light, and geometric shapes.
  • The differences in editing for an exhibit, a magazine, a book
Participants will bring 1 project to the workshop. We will work in individual and group sessions.


CHARLOTTE TEMPLE: South of The Clouds Journeys Through Southeast China

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple  

  Zhaoxing Terraces, Spring 2007
Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

  Village Elder, 1992 © Charlotte Temple  

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

 Charlotte Temple with Liu Family
Shidong, Guizhou Province, China, 1998 

Textile  Display

  A view of the exhibition with Charlotte Temple

Photographer Charlotte Temple, "South of the Cloud"
The Museum of East Texas

"In Southeast China many of the young have left for the cities leaving the old and the very young at home among the villages and terraced fields. They return with new prosperity and new ideas, changing forever an ancient and tenacious way of life….While the photographer laments the disappearance of the beautiful old villages and old customs, the harshness of the old way of life is giving way to a new freedom and the intrusions—finally—of modernity.” –Charlotte Temple

While on my way to FotoFest in Houston, I was honored to be given a tour of Charlotte Temple’s exhibition opening at The Museum of East Texas’ April 3, 2016, by the museum's Director, J.P. McDonald, as it was being hung. Temple has been photographing rural China and it’s minority areas for over thirty years. She’s traveled to many of the "remote reaches of the country documenting the enduring beauty of the land and it’s people, their dignity and resilience.” The exhibition of over one hundred images, includes the regions ancient terraced landscapes and portraits of the  work-hardened villagers, along with the unique handmade textiles made in that particular region given to Temple by the generosity of the family’s who opened their village home to her. 

"South of the Clouds: Journeys Through Southeast China”
Photographs by Charlotte Temple
Opening April 3 – May, 22, 2016
The Museum of East Texas
503 North Second Street
Lufkin, Texas, 75901 USA
Artist Talk and Walk-thru: April 9th


The Museum of East Texas, Lufkin, Texas
Executive Director: J.P. McDonald



Photograph © Andi Schreiber

Photograph © Andi Schreiber

Photograph © Andi Schreiber

Photograph © Andi Schreiber

Family life, while blossoming with promise can feel like slow suffocation. WonderLust is a visceral response to my immediate surroundings - a world where I’m at home yet hovering on the periphery, an insider and outsider at once. Through these images I find my place within my family’s framework and that of a larger existence.  My photographs are small rewards; sublime bits risen from the everyday.

 I live here.

A sense of wonder and thrill of attraction is at the core of this series. I’m struck by the accidental image: a flash of color, a passing gesture. Details make me tingle.  I need to experience deeply what is here, right now.  

WonderLust embraces sensation in a world brimming with stand-ins for what is authentic. I find it all quite stirring. It's as if I have no choice but to turn my irresistible desire into something tangible, into a photograph. I want to seduce the viewer to feel as I do – to know pleasure, to be alive. – Andi Scheiber


Nicholas Fedak II   nicholasfedakii.com

Daphne Chan  daphnechanphoto.com
Joana Cardozo jpcardozo.com

Cassandra Zampini  cassandrazampini.com
Jae Hee Schin  schinster.com

Andrew T Foster  atfphotography.com
Greb Brophy  gregbrophy.com

Anna Yeroshenko  annayeroshenko.com
Karen Johnson  karenjohnsonfineartphotography.com

 Sandra Jetton  sandrajettonphotography.com
Vittoria Gerardi  vittoriagerardi.viewbook.com

Maciej Markowicz​  maciejmarkowicz.com
Joel Simpson joelsimpsonart.com

The 12th Annual powerHouse Portfolio Review was held on March 6, 2016Combining both professional guidance and dynamic insight, the powerHouse Portfolio Review has been educating and inspiring up-and-coming photography professionals for over a decade. I reviewed 14 or so photographers work at the Review. Check out their websites above to view a lot more images not shown here.

"Each attendee received five personal one-on-one 20 minute portfolio review sessions; each with a different photography expert. Featuring magazine editors, professional photographers, publishers, artists, agents, gallerists, book packagers, and more, the diverse pool of reviewers is equipped to advise and guide a myriad of different styles, aesthetics, backgrounds, and intents. By giving photographers real-world industry advice, expert analysis, and hands-on insight, the powerHouse Portfolio Review is a rare opportunity to energize an emerging photographer’s career with clear and distinct direction, and unparalleled photo world networking connections and referrals." (powerHouse) 


SUSAN S. BANK: Piercing The Darkness

Monograph Piercing The Darkness 
Photographs by Susan S. Bank

Photograph © Susan S. Bank

Photograph © Susan S. Bank

Photograph © Susan S. Bank

Piercing the Darkness 
Photographs by Susan S. Bank
Preface by Susan S. Bank
Essay Waiting for the Invisible by John T. Hill
Susan S. Bank